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Best e-liquid UK qualityYou can now find a range of premium quality best e-liquid  produced in our juice factory from UK sourced ingredients by our team of e-liquid mixologists. This range of e-liquid has been created to give YOU the ultimate vaping experience, and comes with a range of different flavours  including tobacco, fruits and sweet flavours.

To experience the best possible taste, we recommend you use our e-liquids with a good clearomiser such as the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil.

How do we do this?

We have implemented strict manufacturing and quality control measures to ensure that your e-liquid passes the most rigorous testing and quality control procedures. These procedures include careful selection of pharmaceutical grade UK produced nicotine, PG, VG and flavourings, through to in house testing of nicotine content, ph levels, and of course the most important test, how well it vapes.

A concept for a new flavour starts with project manager Steve Ahearne. Sample flavours from some of the top UK & European flavourists are tested by our team of staff vapers.

Once we have found something that is close to what we wanted to create, we have custom flavours developed by the flavour houses so that our Halo premium e-liquid tastes like nothing you’ve ever vaped before, and that’s a guarantee!

Production is overseen by our resident pharmacologist, Gwyn Taylor, who also tests the juices to ensure purity and accuracy of nicotine percentage, and potency of flavour.

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Best e-liquid UK steepingWe realize that obtaining a reliable, flavoursome, and consistent vaping experience from your chosen juice is important. When you discover a flavour you love, it must be the same great experience every time.

All of our UK produced juice is whole batch steeped so that when you replenish your tank or drip on your RDA, you are getting the best possible flavour right away.

What is steeping?

The first question many people ask after they have got into refillable tank style ecigarettes, or rebuildable atomisers is “what is steeping and how do I do it?”

Steeping is the process used to fully blend and mature the best e-liquid to maximise the flavour that you get when you vape, a little like letting a good wine sit at the right temperature before opening.

Why should I steep my juice?

Steeping is entirely optional. We are confident that our batch steeping process will give you a great vaping experience as soon as our juice is delivered to you, however, further steeping can bring out subtle flavours by giving the e-liquid additional time to mature and develop.

When the PG and VG mix is blended with flavours during manufacturing, the mixture is thoroughly mixed through this and filling process, but the flavours require time to fully infuse. Steeping will allow you to get the best possible flavour out of our best e-liquid by giving the juice flavours time to mix with the PG/VG blend.

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Best e-liquid UK pricingBy creating a purpose fitted juice factory, and by implementing our own rigorous quality control, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

When you buy our premium UK manufactured best e-liquid you save by not paying for:

  • Shipping and handling fees.Best e-liquid is a member of ECITACertified product badge
  • Additional VAT.
  • Import duties and taxes.
  • Customs clearance fees.

You also have the satisfaction your money goes to UK workers – all of whom are paid above the minimum wage as part of the Living Wage scheme.

For Just £3.99, you can buy 10ml of Halo™ premium UK best e-liquid. We believe that this represents incredible value for money. Or experience the amazing money saving value of our 30ml bottles of best e-liquid for just £9.99 BUY NOW!

We aim to produce the highest possible quality juice at the best possible price.

BEWARE of cheap and untested e-liquids, ECITA members must undergo regular audits and testing to ensure their products and packaging are produced to the required standards of safety and quality and fully comply with UK and EU laws. All members’ products are regularly tested in UK laboratories to ensure they are free from any contaminants and are accurately labelled.

You can also try out our products for free by visiting one of our shops. See the list of our shops No matter how much information you have on a website, nothing beats the experience of seeing, feeling and more importantly; vaping your chosen juice or other ecig product. At our shops you can try the different strengths and tastes for FREE!

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Best e-liquid flavours

We offer a great range of juice flavours for electronic cigarettes produced to very high standards using only the best ingredients. These are available in strengths ranging from 0.0% to 3.6% in quantities of 10ml or 30 ml.

To get more information on the best e-liquid, including current special offers & discounts; simply click on a link below to go to our online shop.

Our range of UK premium best juices includes the following flavours…

Watermelon  |  Virginia  |  Strawberry  |  RY4  |  Peppermint  |  Cherry Bakewell  |  Gower Power  |  Grape  |  Mango  |  Menthol  | Caramel  |  Bubble Gum  |  Blueberry  |  Blueberry Muffin  |  Banoffee  |  Banana |  American Red.

Not enough flavours? Check out our range of the best imported e-liquid flavours for many more…

We also produce a range of limited edition flavours, these are identified by their white caps. These flavours are tried out with customers in our shops and reviewers. Then when we are 100% sure that a flavour meets the high standards, we list it on our websites and send it out to resellers.

The development of our flavours doesn’t end there though. We constantly look for your feedback and ideas, and are always open to finding ways to further improve existing juice flavours.

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ecig parts and kits image


In addition to the best e-liquid, we also stock a comprehensive range of e-cig parts and kits. We have starter kits for those that just want to try vaping to more specialised ‘Tank’ systems for those who want to make the transition from ‘Cig-A-Like’ type e-cigs.

We also have all the spares you could ever need from batteries to clearomisers.

To get more information or buy the best ecig kits and parts or to see prices and current special offers & discounts; simply click on a link below to go to our online shop.

Our range of premium best ecig kits and parts includes the following…

Cig-a-like Kits  |  Tank System Kits  |  Batteries & Chargers  |  Clearomisers  |  Cartridges  |  Accessories

Not sure what ecig kit you need? No problem, just let us know your questions by completing this form

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Top of page Quality Steeping Pricing Flavours e-Cigs e-Liquid Guide Contact News BUY NOW!

What is e-liquid?

e-liquid, sometimes referred to as e-juice or just juice is the fluid that is put into a clearomiser or a pre-filled cartridge of an electronic cigarette or vaporizer that when heated produces the vapour. e-liquid is a fluid made of 3 basic ingredients…

1. Nicotine – This will not be present in 0% e-liquids but in all other strengths it will be. Nicotine is the component of traditional tobacco cigarettes that is addictive and it is the stimulant. It is a common misconception that nicotine in tobacco based products is the cause of smoking related diseases. This is not true and many experts believe it is the thousands of other chemicals found in the ‘Smoke’ that is the cause of fatal diseases related to smoking. Nicotine is believed to be no more harmful than coffee. In fact there is evidence that nicotine itself has the potential to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease (Info Source)

2. Flavouring – Nicotine alone has no taste and to obtain the taste in e-liquid some form of flavouring must be added.

3. Diluting Agent – This is used to dilute the mixture of nicotine and flavourings to the right strength.

We use a base of 70% propylene glycol (pg) and 20% vegetable glycerine (vg), with the remaining balance composed of nicotine and de-ionised water. We then add food grade flavourings which brings the proportion to roughly 60% pg/17% vg.

We only use pharmaceutical grade nicotine, sourced from a top UK supplier. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine is guaranteed to be 99.9%+ pure, meaning it is free from tobacco contaminants.

At this point it would be good to remove some myths about e-liquid. The main one of these being anti-freeze. When e-liquid first came on the market, many believed it contained Ethylene glycol which is poisonous to humans and other animals. Ethylene glycol is indeed used in anti-freeze but most definitely NOT in e-liquid. The substance used in e-liquid is Propylene glycol and yes this is also used in some forms of anti-freeze where Ethylene glycol would be inappropriate, such as in food-processing systems or in water pipes in homes. As confirmation of its relative non-toxicity, the FDA allows propylene glycol to be added to a large number of processed foods, including ice cream, frozen custard, salad dressings and baked goods.(Info Source)

What Strength e-liquid Do I Need?

Our e-liquids come in nicotine strengths ranging from 0.0% (Nicotine Free) to 3.6%

As a rough guide for someone looking to switch from to standard tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, a good choice for a beginner would be 1.8% Then, if your aim is to quit nicotine altogether, gradually reduce to 0.0% say over a period of 2 to 3 months.

The nicotine strength also determines what is known as ‘Throat Hit’ This can be defined as the feeling you get in the back of your throat and in your lungs when you inhale. For existing vapers, below is an indication of nicotine percentage to throat hit…

0.0% – Ultra smooth, no throat hit for non smokers.

0.6% – Mellow, light throat hit.

1.2% – Rich, medium throat hit.

1.8% – Luxurious, bold throat hit.

2.4% – Powerful, intense throat hit.

3.6% – Not for boys! This is powerful stuff for those used to unfiltered strong cigarettes.

What Flavour Should I Choose?

Choosing the flavour of e-liquid is very much a personal choice. If you are looking to replace tobacco cigarettes but enjoy smoking then perhaps stick to a tobacco flavour such as American Red or Virginia. If you prefer a menthol taste then go for Menthol. Why not try a few different ones as see which which you enjoy. It’s really the only why to find out what suits you! It’s a little like asking us whether you should have pork, beef or chicken (Sorry veggies) Only YOU know what YOU like.

Where Can I Find Out More?

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1. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Let us know your questions and comments

2. Read our blog

3. Contact us using this form

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